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Musical Computer Games

Dance Praise Expansion Packs

(requires original Dance Praise game)


Vol 2: Vol 3:  
Hip-Hop/ Rock/  
Rap Top Hits  
Vol 5: Vol 6: Vol 7:
Praise/ Contemporary Top
Worship Hits Hits

Expand your Dance Praise experience with a new collection of hit songs.  Each Expansion Pack adds 35 additional songs to keep you on your toes - 

dancing and praising the Lord.

Sold out available at:  http://www.graceworksinteractive.com/


Bible Game for your TV/DVD player

This game is played using the DVD Player attached to your TV.  Use your DVD Player's remote control to navigate the game!!!

Read & Learn Bible DVD Game from SnapTV
From the bestselling Read & Learn Bible for Kids
Read & Learn Bible DVD Game from Snap TV $24.99

Adventure Games on PC

Timothy & Titus Isles of Derek Bibleman:  A Fight for Faith
Adventure across the ancient lands of Crete, Ephesus and Rome in search of Paul's letters    ages 10 and up If you liked Myst, you will love Isles of Derek.  Use your bible to solve puzzles and bring God to the people of Derek Based on the best-selling Bibleman videos and national live-tour, A Fight for Faith, players can be Bibleman, Cypher or Biblegirl.
Isles of Derek  $19.95
Bibleman sold out:  available at http://www.graceworksinteractive.com/
Timothy & Titus  $24.99

Charlie Church Mouse Bible Adventures
Early Elementary - Ages 5-8 Preschool - Ages 2-6 Kindergarten - Ages 4-6
Interactive CD-ROM learning adventure for the PC.  Children not only learn classic bible stories form the Old & New Testament, they also learn academic skills vital to early childhood development.
Charlie Church Mouse Early Elementary - $14.99
Charlie Church Mouse Preschool - $14.99
Charlie Church Mouse Kindergarten - $14.99

Budget Computer Games for any speed computer
Classic Bible computer games that will work on any PC  (note: not Vista compatible)
Gil's Bible Jumble - $9.99










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