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Dragonshields. $10.99 per box of 100 sleeves plus shipping.

Dragonshields are the original card protector. Don't be fooled by cheap imitation protectors that fall apart or fog up after a few months. High quality Dragonshields will last. Ten different colors available (Yellow, White, Fusion, Copper, Silver, Black, Green, Pink, Brown, Clear)

Choose Color :



Plain Sleeves               Holo Sleeves


Players Choice Sleeves.

Plain Sleeves  $6.00 per bag of 60 sleeves plus shipping. 

 Holo Sleeves  $5.00 per bag of 60 sleeves plus shipping.

Players Choice are a great low cost card protector. They are not as durable as the Dragonshields, but they work just fine for most players. Twelve different colors available in Regular, ten colors in Holographic.

Holographic Sleeves Choose Color :


Regular Sleeves Choose Color :



Set aside Marker Stones..

"Provisioned" Stone - $1.99 Each Plus Shipping  

"Poisoned" Stone - $1.99 Each Plus Shipping
"Towered" Stone - $1.99 Each Plus Shipping


Get a bag of counters for keeping track of set asides.

Also for keeping track of converted characters, the multicolor stones include 3 of each of the hero colors so you always remember what color you converted your characters to.

Choose from 3 different bag colors.

Choose Bag Color:

  $3.00 per bag

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